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Barco has launched one of its most exciting products. Known for game-changing visualization products, but this one is something special because it addresses the everyday situation in conferences rooms everywhere.

Have you ever experienced problems getting your laptop to work with the display? Almost everyone who has ever tried to connect a computer to a projector has a "horror story" to tell. Problems with cables, function keys, aspect ratios or sound the more important a presentation the more likely it seems things are going to go wrong.

These problems are a pain and significant drain on time and resources. The problems have persisted, until now...

Barco & Starin introduce ClickShare!
• It consists of a base station, connected to your projector or display and wireless button that plug into your laptop
• Simply plug a button into your Mac or PC and click the button - instant display of exactly what's on your screen
• It's that easy
• With just one click it opens your world

ClickShare allows you to present the right image to your clients and colleagues. It is the perfect digital solution for the analog sunset as it works with laptops with either analog or digital display outputs.

It is a simple, but impressive solution that improves the productivity of your meetings. Robust and reliable as all Barco products, have confidence that the technology will work and confidence your meeting will be a success.

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